Sports Injury Claims

Have you had a sports injury?

Sports can often be the cause of injuries. Clearly there is some element of risk involved with all sports, but if injuries occurred which were not the fault of the person playing, compensation claims can sometimes be successful.

For example, a player may have suffered an accident on a defective pitch or playing field, been pushed too hard by their trainer beyond their capabilities, or commonly may suffer injury as a result of poorly maintained equipment. These situations may mean that you entitled to claim for compensation.

If you're watching a sports event, you are not participating, and therefore should be able to watch the game without any fear or risk of sustaining a sports injury. Accidents to sports spectators may occur if they were provided with unsafe seating or shelter, or if inadequate lighting or a hazard led to a fall.

You may have suffered injury as a result of watching or spectating a sports event. Crowd safety is crucial for spectators at sports events, and if standards have not been met and you have suffered injury, you may be entitled to claim.