Accidents at Work

Have you had an accident at work?

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer an accident at work, you may be able to make a personal injury claim for compensation. You can claim for compensation if we can help you prove that the workplace accident was someone else's fault; either your employer, a fellow employee or another company based within your place of work.

Your employer is not allowed to treat you unfairly or dismiss you for making a workplace accident claim. Employers owe a responsibility or duty of care to their employees, meaning they must take reasonable care to prevent accidents at work, provide a safe working environment, safe premises, suitable materials and equipment. You may not have received appropriate training or instruction from your employer which has resulted in an injury at work.

You may suffer an accident as a result of defective machinery or dangerous machinery, slips or trips on floors, exposure to harmful substances.

You must not be afraid to pursue a work accident claim against your employer if you have sustained injury as a result. If they have been negligent, they are breaking the law. They must ensure that the work place is safe and the risk of accident and injury in the workplace is minimal. Employers are required to have Employer's Liability Insurance Insurance to cover and pay out compensation for compensation claims if the accident at work was their fault.

We'll assist you in proving that your employer or their representative were at fault for the accident. We can help you claim compensation for workplace accident claims ranging from trips and slips in the work premises, accidents involving faulty machinery or office equipment, or accidents relating to fellow employee's negligence. The duties of an employer include complying with Health and Safety laws and regulations, which have been put in place to make the workplace a safer environment, and reduce the risk of work accidents. Your employee may be required to pay you compensation if one of your colleagues has caused you to suffer accident or injury at work. Your employee is responsible for the actions of all its staff.

You may suffer an accident at work at any location such as factory accidents, construction site accidents or office accidents. Your employer is responsible for the lighting, heating and even the car parks and surrounding areas of the workplace. Your accident may even have occurred in your work's van or car. Any company vehicle is expected to be safe and fit for the road. If it is not, and you sustain an injury, your employer is legally responsible and you are entitled to make a claim for compensation. You are likely to have taken time off work if you suffered injury in the workplace, and we can help you recover any lost earnings. If you are off for a few days or a few years as a result of your accident and injury at work, you need to ensure your financial position remains stable and does not suffer as a result of your accident.

We can help take the stress and hassle out of making a claim for an accident at work. We specialise in accidents at work so give us a call today.